Funds Confirmation

This specification describes the Confirmation of Funds API flows and payloads.

The API endpoints described here allow a Card Based Payment Instrument Issuer ('CBPII') to:

1. Register an intent to confirm funds by creating a "funds confirmation consent" resource with an ASPSP, for agreement between the PSU and ASPSP. This consent is a long lived consent, and contains the length of time (expiration date) the customer (PSU) would like to provide to the CBPII; and  Subsequently make a request to confirm funds are available.

2. Funds can only be confirmed against the currency of the account.


This specification should be read in conjunction with Read/Write Data API Specification which provides a description of the elements that are common across all the Read/Write Data APIs.


Funds ConfirmationPOST/funds-confirmations
Funds Confirmation ConsentPOST/funds-confirmation-consents