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First Commercial Bank APIs
The source of information and technical specifications for the APIs are made available by First Commercial Bank.
This website is for software developers.

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API Catalogue
OBIE specification

Account Information

OBIE AISP Specification
This specification describes the Account Information and Transaction API flows and payloads.

Payment Initiation

OBIE AISP Specification
This Payment Initiation API Specification describes the flows and payloads for initiating a general payment-order.

Funds Confirmation

OBIE CBPII Specification
This specification describes the Confirmation of Funds API flows and payloads.

Contingency Mechanism

In order to comply with PSD2 regulations, First Commercial Bank has setup contingency mechanism as well. Contingency Mechanism should be used only when dedicated API Interface is unavailable. In order to use the Contingency Mechanism, TPP will need to have in their possession a valid Qualified Website Authentication Certificate (QWAC) which FCB will use for Identification.

Contact us to obtain the Specification for Contingency Mechanism.
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